Co.Meta S.r.l. uni personale is the project coordinator. It is an Italian VET organisation certified in the Marche Region.

The organisation is specialised in the implementation of innovative training methodologies and in the recognition of the competences acquired through informal and non-formal learning in the field of Education and Training.

FabLab München e.V. (founded 2010) is a non profit organisation offering an open workspace for personal manufacturing with machines like 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC milling machines, vinyl cutter and electronics for all members with access 24/7.

In 2012 FabLab started his educational section „FabLab Kids“ where we offer pupils of all ages the opportunity to get in touch with new technologies like 3D modelling, vinyl cutting, soldering, coding… One of our main focus is primary school pupils and teachers, who can explore the possibilities of computer aided machines in combination with creativity, and project based learning starting at the age of six years.

Bylinedu is a non profit association in Valencia (Spain) whose voluntiers, since 2012, work in STEAM and maker workshops about robotics, coding, electronics, 3D modelling and printing, virtual and augmented reality.

All these activities are focused on vulnerable groups with difficulties to access to technology for learning, employment and help them to reduce gender and digital gap.

STEAM Education Ltd is an educational services provider based in Ireland working primarily with primary schools and STEM industries to run STEAM programmes in primary schools.

STEAM Ed Ltd also develop and deliver innovative teacher training programmes to provide upskilling opportunities for teachers in STEAM areas.

TALENT SRL is an Italian start up that realizes technological and innovative solutions for didactics and education, also referred to disabled people. It offers didactical workshops, training courses for teachers and educators. It also develops technological products for didactical aims.

TALENT intends to promote digital innovation in educational field through a new website called “”. It is a community for teachers and educators where they could share and find didactical contents, experiences and ideas. They also could find on “” various academic contents about technology for didactics and more.

La Nostra Escola Comarcal is an educational cooperative center where families and staff work together to offer a quality educational project adapted to social, educational and technological changes in order to offer a multilingual, comprehensive and humane education of our students.

The school is located in the municipality of Picassent (Valencia) surrounded by a wonderful nature environment in the middle of the mountains.

I.C. “Simone De Magistris” is composed of 11 schools: 4 Nursery Schools, 5 Primary schools, 2 Secondary Schools. We have about 500 children in our Institute. Our schools are located on five different Commons: Caldarola, Belforte Del Chienti, Camporotondo Di Fiastrone and Serrapetrona. In three of these Commons there are multi – classes schools.

In 2016 our province underwent a terrible earthquake which caused the collapse of three major schools. In 2019, our schools in Caldarola were rebuilt thanks to public and private donations.

Lehrer-Wirth-Straße is a primary school in Munich, built in 1998, with pupils from more than 120 countries.

In addition to their German language and reading promotion and promotion of social interaction, the development of media competence and the introduction to digital technologies is a pedagogical focus. The pupils learn, among other things, how to program, model 3D and print, laser cut and encode. In order to improve the technical skills of the students by integrating digital technologies into the lessons, the school has been cooperating with Fablab München e.V. since 2013. In the full-time classes, there are weekly lessons, in all other classes there are project days to work with fablab.