STEAM-H – Final Transnational Project Meeting in Valencia (Spain)

On 19 and 20 May, the final transnational meeting of the STEAM-H project was held in Valencia, Spain. The meeting was organised by Bylinedu in cooperation with La Comarcal.

17 participants from each partner organisation attended the two-day meeting.
The first day was organised at the La Comarcal partner school in Picassent.
Co.Meta srl led the agenda of the meeting focusing on the activities planned for the last three months of the project. In particular, multiplier events and dissemination were discussed. Furthermore, space was dedicated to discuss the results achieved and the feedback collected during the pilot testing.

The second day was organised at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Experiences of testing carried out in the last few months in primary schools were shared by each country involved. The presentations have illustrated:a) What was done during the piloting (how the school organised the process, steps taken, activities carried out); b) The main results achieved; c) Strengths and weaknesses and d)  Impact on the teachers and students involved (what they learnt).



The second part of the day was dedicated to the creation of the Communy of Practice using E-Twinning Platfrom and the sustainability process of the project.

The two days were also enriched by visits organised by the Spanish partners: a visit to the school’s premises (La Comarcal) and to the University (ETSID-UPV Higher Technical School of Design Engineering), together with the premises of CoderDojo Valencia.







STEAM-H – Extensive participation of teachers in the second Multiplier Event in Spain


On March 24th was held in Valencia (Spain) the II Multiplier Event of the STEAM-H Project. It took place within an important national conference for teachers of the educational system: The VI Conference PR3D 2022: “VI Conference on Programming, Robotics and 3D Printing. Robotics, also in Feminine”

Nearly 200 teachers participated in the different programmed activities.



The STEAM-H project had an outstanding presence within this event held in a hybrid mode, with face-to-face communications and an online program, as well as practical workshops.

Within this program, Bylinedu Association and the school La Nostra Escola Comarcal, the Spanish partners of the STEAM-H project, organized the following activities, linked to the II multiplier event of this project:

  1. Stand: An exhibition of the results of the STEAM-H project. Our stand received numerous visits from teachers who reported with great interest and highly valued the quality of the guides, the repository of STEAM resources and the training program for Primary schools teachers, available in different languages.
  2. Comunication: “The importance of STEAM-H projects in Primary Education”. Empar Bou (La Nostra Escola Comarcal) and Celia Ruíz (Bylinedu Association) explained to the audience the details and provisional results of the STEAM-H project, whose final versions will soon be available on the project website.


Face-to-face workshop: “STEAM activities for “Dummies” teachers, taught by Empar Bou (La Nostra Escola Comarcal) and Celia Ruíz (Bylinedu Association). In this workshop, low-tech and high-tech activities were carried out. These activities arer included in the STEAM-H Manual, a guide in 5 steps to implement STEAM activities with Primary students:

– Start modeling in 3D with Tinkercad.

-Introduction to programming with Bluebots robots.

-Simple electric circuits with Play-Doh.

It was not necessary for the teachers attending the workshop to be experts or to have previous experience with science and technology, since the selected STEAM activities allowed the teachers to discover that they were capable of experimenting with them and integrating them without difficulty in different areas of knowledge that are involved or not related to science.



Complementing the STEAM-H Multiplier Event, Bylinedu and La Nostra Escola Comarcal participated in other moments of the Conference:

-Communication: “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in Inclusive Programming and Robotics”. Loli Iborra Sales (Bylinedu Association).

-Round table: “Robotics, what for? And for whom?” which included the participation of Empar Bou (La Nostra Escola Comarcal).

-Workshop: “SDG for Inclusion with Micro Bit” with the participation of Bernat Llopis and Loli Iborra (Bylinedu Association).


Pedagogic Handbook – First Draft


The first draft of STEAM-H Pedagogic Handbook is now available!

The document is the third STEAM-H Intellectual Output. The purpose is to encourage you as teachers to understand STEAM approaches to education, to try a variety of STEAM activities and see how easy it can be, and to share and encourage other primary teachers and educators to engage!

This first draft will be improved by the end of the project, so please if you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us.





STEAM-H – The first Multiplier Event in Spain

Last Monday 15 at 5.30 p.m. the Spanish multiplier event of the STEAM-H project took place at the Assembly Hall of the University of Florida in Valencia. The event was organised by La Nostra Escola Comarcal in collaboration with Bylinedu and the University’s Science Education Department.

The aim was to explain the results and resources offered by STEAM-H project to promote a STEAM-based  apporach at primary schools. The Competence Map produced that facilitates the implementation of STEAM activities, the Open Educational Resources created that offers resources and tools including STEAM-based activities, the Teacher Training Programme and the Handbook on the application of STEAM-based activities were presented. All documents are free of charge and downloadable from the website in the “Results” section.


The event was attended by more than 80 people interested in the project results. Most of them were future primary school teachers, others were permanent teachers.


STEAM-H – The Online version of the Teacher Training Programme

The online version of the Teacher Training Programme has been finalised which is easy to use and follow. The online version is available in English and in all partner languages.
Here is the link of the section of the webiste where you can find all the results.
This first draft will be improved by the end of the project, so please if you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us.
Choose your language and enjoy your online Training Programme!!

STEAM-H – LTTA in Germany

The Learning Teaching Training Activity for teachers, educators and trainers was held in Munich from 25 to 29 October and involved 2 members from each partner organisation.

It was organised by Fablab Munich with the collaboration of the german primary school (Grundschule Lehrer-Wirth-Straße).








The aim was to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to implement inclusive processes for primary school students through the STEAM approach.

Participants were able to observe, design and experience STEAM activities through the use of technology. In addition, the participants were able to share their experiences in different settings.









STEAM-H – Planning the LTTA in Germany

The training course (Learning Teaching Training Activity) for teachers, educators and trainers from all the partner countries for the implementation of inclusive processes for primary school students through the STEAM approach is scheduled.
The face to face training course will focus on the information, methodologies and tools (including ICT tools) useful to implement STEAM activities in primary schools.
The training course will take place in Munich (Germany) from 25 to 29 October and will be run by the partner FabLab München e.V. 
Stay updated to learn more about the training programme!


STEAM-H – The Training Programme

The first draft of STEAM-H Training Programme is now available!

The document is the third STEAM-H Intellectual Output.

This is a modularised training programme to promote primary school teachers’ and educators’ proficiency in implementing inclusive processes for primary students through STEAM multidisciplinary activities.
The programme consists of approx. 28-36 hours of interaction, instruction, activity and discussion.

The purpose is to encourage primary school teachers and educators to understand STEAM education, to try a variety of STEAM approaches, to further their own education and training in this area, and to share and encourage other primary teachers and educators to engage.

This first draft will be improved by the end of the project, so please if you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Soon the programme will be translated in all partner languages.




STEAM-H – First Multiplier Event in Germany

The first Multiplier Event took place in Munich (Germany) on 11 June 2021. The primary school Lehrer-Wirth-Straße, as leading partner, organised the Multiplier Event with the collaboration of FabLab München e.V.

The aim of the event was to present the Erasmus+ project STEAM-H to interested people from the fields of school/education as well as science, technology and art. 

The participants of the event consisted of teachers and educators from different schools in Munich and people who are professionally active in different technical, scientific and artistic fields and interested in a cooperation between schools and companies.


During the first part of the event, the Erasmus project “STEAM-H” was presented by the leading partner focusing on the first project results (IO1- STEAM-H Competence Map and IO2- STEAM-H OER).

The theoretical presentation of the project was followed by a practical part, which gave insight into the practical implementation of STEAM activities in primary school lessons. It allowed the participants to try out some of these STEAM activities and provided time for a lively exchange between speakers and participants.


All the participants were very excited to discover how STEAM activities can be integrated into primary school lessons. Moreover, the chance to try things out for oneself and the many practical examples of lessons were also seen as very beneficial.



The STEAM-H OER Platform is now available!

The second STEAM-H Intellectual Output is a collection of Open Educational Resources for primary school teachers, educators and, wider audiences interested in implementing STEAM activities for inclusion purposes in primary schools.

This first draft will be improved by the end of the project, so please if you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us.