STEAM-H – First Multiplier Event in Germany

The first Multiplier Event took place in Munich (Germany) on 11 June 2021. The primary school Lehrer-Wirth-Straße, as leading partner, organised the Multiplier Event with the collaboration of FabLab München e.V.

The aim of the event was to present the Erasmus+ project STEAM-H to interested people from the fields of school/education as well as science, technology and art. 

The participants of the event consisted of teachers and educators from different schools in Munich and people who are professionally active in different technical, scientific and artistic fields and interested in a cooperation between schools and companies.


During the first part of the event, the Erasmus project “STEAM-H” was presented by the leading partner focusing on the first project results (IO1- STEAM-H Competence Map and IO2- STEAM-H OER).

The theoretical presentation of the project was followed by a practical part, which gave insight into the practical implementation of STEAM activities in primary school lessons. It allowed the participants to try out some of these STEAM activities and provided time for a lively exchange between speakers and participants.


All the participants were very excited to discover how STEAM activities can be integrated into primary school lessons. Moreover, the chance to try things out for oneself and the many practical examples of lessons were also seen as very beneficial.


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